Riju Bafna IAS:- An IAS officer who filed sexual harassment case

'Idiots lined up at every step': IAS officer slams lawyers, judge

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What is the Matter?
"I can only pray that no woman is born in this country," IAS officer Riju Bafna said on social networking website Facebook, on 1 August year 2015 she posted the statement. What was the reason behind it that she came to such condition of posting this type of statement on a social networking website where anyone can react on her post and the news can be spread as fire in forest. The disturbing misogyny of several people in power and positions of responsibility.

What she Did?
Santosh Chaubey who is the Ayogmitra of Human Rights Commission had been sending her 'indecent' messages for a while said Bafna IAS officer and filed a case against Santosh chaubey. the collector Bharat Yadav helped so well and, promptly some action was taken against Santosh Chaubey, who was removed from his post immediately.

What happen in Court and how judge and lawyers behave with her? Shame on them.
when she went up to the court to record her statement in front of the judicial magistrate in the state, a group of lawyers came to crowd around her as she was giving her statement and commenting on her that she wants to make her image and don't know the rules and regulation because she is young and thinks she is a big officer but in front of court she is nothing. When she told the judge that the court should make sure such incidents are not repeated, the judge Said, "you are young and that's why demanding such things".

What the people said and comment on post?
One woman commented on Bafna's post that, "And imagine, you are an IAS officer... already a woman with some power. Most women are not."

What is others reaction?
Tejaswini Gautam An IPS officer posted on her comment that, "As a woman whatever you said i agree. But i also say that since you have this opportunity to be an example for many who cant even think of doing what u already did...is proof of your power and the ability you hold. Being a woman should make you strong. And yes...like i always say...such incidents should only rein store self confidence in you. Fantastic show of courage. And it is so good that you come on facebook and socially spread the thing. Such people need to be shown their real worth." So by her comment she proved that we are with you and you have the power of a women of the world's biggest democratic country.

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IAS Officer 'Idiots lined up at every step': IAS officer who filed sexual harassment case.

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